Sony Registers Two New Game Trademarks

Own a PS4 or PS Vita? Wondering what Sony is cooking up? A recent trademark by the company hints to two titles.

It looks like Sony is potentially bringing two new games to its stable of exclusives. The names trademarked were Entwined on April 14th, and KILL STRAIN on April 15th (it's in all capitals, according to  Neogaf user Rösti).

While we're left to purely speculate on what platform these titles will come out for, it would fit that these are planned Playstation 4 titles after Sony claimed to have over a hundred games lined up for 2014.

That said, the Playstation Vita is in serious need of support from Sony's first party developers, so it's possible we could be looking at the start a new push to keep the handheld an active platform in people's minds.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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Published Apr. 26th 2014
  • zoLo567
    Senior Intern
    I hope we are going to see some Vita support. I love the Vita, and I want to see it get more support behind it

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