A Man Can Dream: 5 Games Perfect for the Nintendo Switch

Dark Souls 3 (or any Souls game for that matter)

Chances of getting Switched: 25 percent

It has been confirmed that Nintendo has a large list of developers helping them create content for the Switch. Among that list is From Software, the company responsible for the Dark Souls series of games. When the list of developers was revealed, all players of the Dark Souls Franchise revealed at the possible thought of Dark Souls on the go.

Now, it’s important to note that developer support for the WiiU faded once the system launched and some may be cautious about that happening to the Switch. The Nintendo Switch will go over way better with the public than the WiiU did, but enough to merit a Dark Souls port? I don’t think so. Would love to see it happening but don’t get your hopes up.

Published Jan. 18th 2017

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