Closed beta launches for anime-styled MMORPG Dragomon Hunter

Hunt terrifying monsters in an expansive new world as cute anime characters in Dragomon Hunter's closed Beta

Ever wanted to fight humongous monsters as an adorable anime character running around a richly detailed fantasy world? Well look no further than Dragomon Hunter!

The creators at Aerial games have come together again to produce Dragomon Hunter, an anime inspired MMORPG for the monster hunter inside all of us. Players choose from four different classes - mercenary, scout, mage, or cleric - and set out across Wyveria in pursuit of the most fearsome and deadliest creatures imaginable. Players can sign up for the closed beta, which launches October 15th, by registering on the website or becoming a founder.

Team up with your friends as you take down hundreds of unique Dragomon through a world built with long quests in mind, or customize your character to be the cutest chibi warrior around. Players who jump into this impressively crafted world get to show off their skills by crafting materials from the many beasts they've slain or ride them around as formidable pets.

Thanks to new innovative controller support and the emphatic love of the developers, the game looks like it might be the next big thing from Aerial Games.

Thinking about joining the beta? Check out their Twitter, @dragomonhunter for official updates, exclusive announcements, and more!


Victor is an author and experienced gamer living in the fictional worlds he creates. Working as a Lego engineer in the day and a fantasy and sci-fi writer at night, Victor uses his powers for good in order to make the world a better place.

Published Oct. 17th 2015

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