Sony Set to Add PS4 Games to PlayStation Now Streaming Service

Get ready gamers: You'll soon be able to stream PS4 games to both your PlayStation and Windows PC via your PlayStation Now subscription.

After three years of providing PlayStation gamers with a robust catalog of last-gen games, Sony is finally bringing PS4 titles to its widely popular PlayStation Now streaming service. Currently, the $20 per month cloud-based application only supports PlayStation 3 games, such as Bioshock Infinite, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, and Resident Evil 6. But that system exclusivity is set to change in the coming months. 

In a press release from Sony, PlayStation's Senior Marketing Manager Brian Dunn said the company is: 

"...Excited to announce that PS Now’s catalog is set to grow even further, as we’ll be expanding to include a new platform: PlayStation 4 games. All of the games in the service, including PS4 games, will be included with a single PS Now subscription. We’ll share more information as we get closer to launch, so stay tuned."

On top of that, Dunn said that select PlayStation Now users will be randomly chosen in the coming weeks to partake in an upcoming private PS4/PS Now streaming test. This short trial will evaluate the efficacy of the upcoming service changes, while also looking to weed out and eliminate any bugs before launch later this year. 

Sony did not say which PlayStation 4 games would spearhead the launch of PlayStation Now's new streaming catalog. But it's safe to guess some of their most iconic flagship franchises will be somewhere in the mix. 

PlayStation Now is available for the PS4, PS3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation TV, as well as Windows PCs and various other third-party devices. 

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Published Mar. 13th 2017

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