Dying Light Official Developer Gameplay Tips Video Series

Techland, developer of popular video games for both consoles and the PC, recently released a six-part video gameplay series designed to help gamers learn the basics of playing Dying Light

Techland, the Polish publisher, developer and seller of Dying Light, have released a six-part video gameplay tip series designed to help gamers learn the bare essentials of fighting their way through the zombie apocalypse.


This news is in anticipation of the scheduled February 27 release of box copies of Dying Light in Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia, when millions of video gamers around the world will join in the fun of taking the world back from an undead zombie horde. 

This six-part Dying Light video gameplay series is narrated by lead game designer Maciej Binkowski. It walks players through the bare essentials of playing the video game. You can check out the videos here.  

The first gameplay video in the series, "The More the Merrier", shows players the benefits of playing Dying Light in co-op mode and how to invade competitors as the Night Hunter. 

Rumours also persist that Techland and Flying Carpet Studio could be thinking about a film version of Dying Light in the days ahead. This idea has inspired the team to come up with a short live-action film called "The Last Supply Drop."

Dying Light is available online in all markets for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Steam, with physical copies already sold in North and South America. On February 27, the physical copies of the game will be released in Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia.


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Published Feb. 24th 2015

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