Dragon Age creators looking to create a 'Dragon Age Tactics?'

Is BioWare working on a Dragon Age Tactics? No, but they might start.

It seems that BioWare may have a new idea for the Dragon Age franchise. Posting on Twitter, Dragon Age Executive Producer Mark Darrah polled fans as to whether they would want a 'Dragon Age Tactics' game. 

Mr. Darrah clarified his question by alluding to Fire Emblem and XCOM as examples. As of this moment, over fifty percent have said yes, while twenty-three percent say no. A decent amount of voters have said they would like to make it exclusive to the PC (sounds selfish to me).

Mark was also asked if the game would include romance options, a staple of the Dragon Age franchise, to which he replied with a 'likely.' 

He was also sure to point out that a tactics style game would not take the place of a major release, but serve as a side project to keep fans busy. 

What do you guys think? Would you play a Dragon Age Tactics? Let us know down below.


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Published Feb. 21st 2016

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