For the King Adds Free Roam Adventure Mode

For the King! finally has it's long awaited free adventure mode.

As a fan of the strategic RPG For the King, I've been following the game for most of the year now. And developer IronOak Games has been teasing a free roam adventure mode for quite a while. As of last week, it has finally been released.

Adventure mode in For the King removes the narrative storyline and allows for exploration at any pace with a very slow gain in chaos. Chaos can still be countered and lowered (thankfully), even without story elements. All towns and markets refresh their stocks, and quests at the beginning of each new morning. All dungeons are dynamically leveled based on the number already completed by the player and their party. And each time players begin a new adventure, their start location will be completely randomized. 

How to Access Adventure Mode in For the King

Currently the Adventure Update is only available in the xbranch version of the game; however, anyone can participate in this beta. All you have to do is navigate to For the King's properties tab in your Steam library, and opt into the experimental xbranch beta.

This is a beta version, so keep in mind that there will be bugs -- and adventure mode will be susceptible to changes in the future. You can help out IronOak games by submitting a bug report if you happen to run across any particularly nasty issues while playing.

Currently only the easiest difficulty is available -- but it's better than nothing, and a nice change of pace from the main storyline.

For more info on this game, check out our For the King review and stay tuned to GameSkinny for further updates! 

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Published Aug. 30th 2017

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