Meet the Non-White Protagonist of Far Cry 4: Ajay Ghale

Ajay Ghale was born in Kyrat, but raised in America. His return to his home country is not going to well.

Ubisoft posted a picture of the protagonist for Far Cry 4 today through its official Far Cry Facebook page. Take a look at the man you'll be playing as, Ajay Ghale.

The Facebook post describes Ajay as a "Kyrati native, devoted son, and Pagan Min's guest of honor." Pagan Min is the main antagonist that we saw take a selfie with Ajay during the Nemesis trailer shown by Ubisoft at E3.

In an interview with Game Informer, Far Cry 4 narrative director Mark Thompson provides some background on Ajay. He tells us that Ajay was forced to leave Kyrat at 3-4 years old when his mother flees the country's civil war. His mother finds asylum in America, which is where Ajay has been raised up until now.

When he returns to Kyrat years later, everybody knows him due to his father being the founder of the revolution that began the civil war (which is still ongoing). As the developers put it, just having his name gets him in trouble during his time in Kyrat, so expect crap to hit the fan early and often.

Just having his name gets him in trouble during his time in Kyrat, so expect crap to hit the fan early and often.

I think the Far Cry team has done a great job finding a balance between not repeating the "white savior in a foreign land" trope from Far Cry 3 while also allowing him play audience surrogate.

What do you think of Ajay Ghale? Leave your thoughts down in the comments.


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Published Jun. 19th 2014
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    Nice beard? I haven't really seen him in action so I can't exactly comment on his character otherwise.
  • Spyke_3447
    seems like they're easing in the bro-dude-gamers into the idea that it's ok to not play as another white-bro-dude-action-man slowly. This is progress though, the name... ajay ghale... it's like "foreign... but not foreign"

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