Monark, a New RPG From SMT Devs, Will Release Next Year

NIS America is localizing and releasing Monark, a game about saving the world from madness and monsters.

Former Shin Megami Tensei developers are making a new RPG called Monark, and NIS America announced a Monark localization and Western release date for early 2022. Monark will launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Monark takes place in a school and seemingly borrows more than a little from Persona. The school descends into madness when a strange mist settles around it, and the hero enters a parallel universe full of demons — sorry, "daemons" — that they can control using their mind.

Developing their Ego and its many facets influences what daemons can join up and how they develop, but it also has effects on relationships with Monark's companions. Monark has different endings depending on how you interact with your four main companions (courtesy of Gematsu), though it's still uncertain what role they play in the final showdown with the mysterious Pactbearers causing the mist.

The idea of madness running rampant is more than just flavor text. You can wield madness to power up your skills, though if you take it too far, the protagonist starts rampaging and attacks allies.

NIS America has pre orders open for the Monark special edition that comes with a soundtrack, artbook, poster, and more for $99.99.


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Published Jun. 10th 2021

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