Hang Em Hyrule: A Zelda Western

YouTube channel Beat Down Boogie takes The Legend of Zelda to the wild west.

Beat Down Boogie, YouTube channel known for their action-comedy web series and geeky entertainment, just released an amazing iteration of the Legend of Zelda. The short film features stunning costume design from Volante Design, and a beautiful score from Chris Hurn. The film throws the series in a wild west setting where cowgirl Zelda stands off alone against Ganondorf in an electrifying duel in honor of fallen cowboy Link. The film gives a refreshing twist on the characters, making Zelda the hero instead of the damsel. 

You can also check out Volante Designs and buy costumes used in the film by supporting their crowd funding campaigns. The Beat Down Boogie channel also has many other short films such as Mario Warfare, Caveman Assassin's Creed, and Kung Fu Avengers. If you like Beat Down Boogie's videos you may also help support them on Patreon, so that they can make more films like these. 

Published Aug. 13th 2015

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