The New Metroid Dread Trailer is Full of Surprises

The latest Metroid Dread trailer introduces some unexpected character. Spoiler alert.

The latest Metroid Dread trailer is here, and it's packed full of surprises, including some surprise spoilers. If you want to stay fresh on the big reveals Metroid Dread has to offer ahead of its October 8 release date, you should probably watch the E3 trailer again instead.

If you're still here, the biggest reveal is a living, walking, shooting Chozo. Those familiar with Metroid lore will likely remember the Chozo raised Samus after Space Pirates killed her family — and if you don't remember, Nintendo is keen to remind everyone with flashes of Chozo hieroglyphs in the trailer and featuring in key art.

The trailer ends with a deadly showdown between the Chozo and Samus. In a fitting twist for the end of the original Metroid saga, it holds plenty of implications for Metroid lore. In between that, though, we get another surprise: Kraid in Chains.

Kraid is a classic Metroid enemy that featured in the original and Super Metroid, but he's been missing ever since. Whether this means we'll see Dread versions of other classics, including Ridley, is a mystery for now.


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Published Aug. 27th 2021

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