Arcane Saga Online Launches Today

Arcane Saga launches this evening! Players can log in early to get their character names claimed.

If last month's short closed beta period for Arcane Saga Online left you wanting more, you can finally play the fully launched version of the game as of today. Netmarble will be opening the servers at 6:00PM PDT, and character creation is scheduled to be available this evening.

Those who participated in the beta and kept the game installed can patch their client once the character creation event begins. The client download can otherwise be found here on the official site.

Arcane Saga Online is a "reboot" of Prius Online, which was run by publisher gPotato in the West until the game's premature closure in 2012, a mere year after release. This new release is set in the same world as Prius Online (and uses all of the same in-game assets), but is otherwise a completely different title. New versions of the original's Anima and Gigas systems will be implemented into the game this fall.

As Arcane Saga moves forward, it will be interesting to see how Netmarble handles the demands of the old fanbase and those of the players new to the world of Prius.

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Published Jun. 5th 2013

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