Pokemon GO team leaders revealed at San Diego Comic-Con

"Who's that team leader?" Previously silhouetted Pokemon GO team leaders now have a face and snazzy outfits to boot.

At this year's San Diego Comic-Con in California, Pokemon GO Chief Executive John Hanke has plenty to reveal about Niantic's popular game.

In particular, Hanke reveals the names and faces of the three teams of Pokemon GO, previously found as silhouettes on the iOS/Android title's selection screen:

From left to right, here is Team Instinct, Mystic, and Valor as shown on Pokemon GO's selection screen

Who are the team leaders?

The first is Team Instinct's leader, Spark:

Pokemon are creatures with excellent intuition. I bet the secret to their intuition is related to how they're hatched. You never lose when you trust your instincts!       --Spark

With spiky hair that stands on end like his electric Pokemon representative, Zapdos, Spark is Team Instinct's leader. He sports a bright orange hoodie and black jacket with his team's distinctive yellow highlights.

Spark believes Pokemon's strength comes from their birth, and encourages players to "trust your instincts".

The second is Team Mystic's leader, Blanche:

The wisdom of Pokemon is immeasurably deep. I am researching why it is that they evolve. With our calm analysis of every situation we can't lose!          --Blanche

With a slick blue trenchcoat and a chill expression, Blanche is the leader of Team Mystic. His team's Pokemon representative is the ice-typed Articuno of the legendary bird trio.

Blanche believes that "calm analysis of every situation" will help players succeed in their endeavors.

The third is Team Valor's leader, Candela:

Pokemon are stronger than humans, and they're warmhearted too! I'm researching ways to enhance Pokemon's natural power in the pursuit of true strength. There's no doubt that the Pokemon our team have trained are the strongest in battle!         --Candela

Representing Team Valor and the fiery Pokemon Moltres, Candela is the last (but certainly not least) of the Pokemon GO leaders. Candela's outfit consists of an asymmetrical red and white coat with black tights.

Candela believes in the "natural power" of Pokemon, and she searches for ways for Pokemon to seek their full potential.

How do the teams compete?

These three factions clash against one another by claiming Pokemon GO gyms. A claimed territory allows team members to train and raise their prestige, making it harder for opposing teams to overthrow areas.

So who's your favorite team leader? Which team are you on? Please leave a comment below!

[Images retrieved from AndroidCentral and Twitter]


Published Jul. 25th 2016

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