5 Underrated Android Idle Games Worth a (Not) Play

Read on for five great time-wasting clickers that don't get enough love.

Not going to lie, idle games are a pretty huge waste of time in terms of modern productivity. Many of them are cheaply made and shortlived, some of them are sophisticated and interesting, but all of them are just that -- idle.

These mini-games were originally created to be mocked, but they then progressed to become a smartphone addict's greatest pleasure. I mean, Flappy Bird anyone?

That said, Android has a variety of genuinely great games that don't receive much attention from casual and core gamers alike. Here are five clickers worth a play while you're at it.

5. Idle Universe - 4.1/5 Google Play Store

Recommended for Big Bang Theorists, this idle game allows you to create your very own universe from a series of clicks that bring it to life. Collect, collide and reproduce in space to your heart's content. With Divine Powers to unleash and Dark Forces to be reckoned with, Idle Universe allows one to put together a unique universe and reap its timeless benefits. 

4. SPACEPLAN - 4.3/5 Google Play Store

Another popular clicker for our astrophysicists bored at space camp -- except this time, you're literally launching potato-based probes into orbit around a peculiar unknown planet. SPACEPLAN was meant to be a rather humorous plot twist of Stephen Hawking's work, with a pleasant soundtrack and dimensions to span across and explore.

3. Endless Frontier - 4.5/5 Google Play Store

Endless Frontier is considered an epic RPG by gamers -- except it's in clicker form. You must try to end the dark reign of the -- not surprisingly -- Dark Prince and overthrow his power. It might look like a five-minute put-together, but the upside of this beauty is the online PvP option and the limitless upgrades your protagonist can reap to the end of the story. 

2. Kittens Game - 4.7/5 Google Play Store

Lately, this particular ad-free idle game has been receiving momentum on Reddit and the likes, but many are still unaware of the fascinating aspects of the game. Regulate and run a village of nothing but kittens, and keep them busy with sustainable development and resource management. While the game is in traditional menu form, it has become quite an addiction. 

1. Egg Inc. - 4.7/5 Google Play Store

The best of best would have to be Egg Inc. It's obviously rare to see free clickers on the market today with crisp 3D visuals and vibrant colors as beautiful as this one. With swarms of chickens galore, you must build a strong, stable chicken farm and produce as many eggs as you can in every manner possible, whether that means investing in research or putting together some chicken coops in the corner.


With the ongoing popularity of these incremental games at our fingertips, almost everybody, regardless of their schedule, can enjoy these on a daily basis.

What are some of your favorite idle games? Comment below and stay tuned for more great content!


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Published Feb. 16th 2018

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