6180 the moon offers an easy 1000 gamerscore in about 1-2 hours of play!

6180 the moon Quick Review – Do you want an easy 1000 gamerscore?

6180 the moon offers an easy 1000 gamerscore in about 1-2 hours of play!
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If you’re a die-hard achievement hunter then you probably already know about 6180 the moon  — and for good reason.

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The easy to master, sidescrolling platformer can be completed by your average gamer in about 1-2 hours. It joins a long list of easy to complete games from 2015 such as: Pneuma: Breath of Life, Whispering Willows and Beyond Eyes. 

The gameplay is pretty basic and quite fiddly at first, requiring you to guide the Moon past 50 levels of obstacles, spikes and spinning blades. Using momentum from your jumps you can propel yourself through the top of the screen and up through the bottom, helping to avoid certain traps so you can progress to the next stage. After a bit of trial and error it is very straightforward to master and no level will be particularly bothersome for you. That being said the levels do get progressively harder and more varied, so there are a few parts that will make you stop and think for a moment about your next move.

Though you won’t be playing it for this reason, there is a fairly cute story that is based upon the Sun ‘disappearing’, causing the Moon to go and look for it. Along the way you meet up with the other planets: Earth, Venus and Mercury and have a chat with them before finally reaching your end goal, the Sun itself. Spoiler alert, everything is fine and the reason the Sun disappeared is because it was nighttime or something…this is riveting stuff!

Despite not paying much attention to the plot, I did find the soundtrack to be surprisingly sweet and quite catchy. I absolutely ended up humming and/or whistling along to it on many occasions.

Once you have succeeded in finding and talking to the Sun, you must travel back to Earth before night begins and this involves playing through the same levels all over again but with inverted controls. In all honesty, even though it sounds more complex, I personally found the journey back far easier for some reason.

But you probably won’t care about the story. You’ll only care about one of the easiest 1000 gamerscore you’ll ever earn. Thirteen out of the 16 achievements you will unlock by simply playing through the game, so you need not worry about those. The 3 ‘missable’ achievements are:

1) Space Crashers – Destroy 500 blocks (Secret)

2) Gravity Free – Clear a level without jumping (Secret)

3) Faster Than Light – Clear a level without using a drop of light (Secret)

Even these are easy to accomplish, and you may find you do them without realizing as you progress towards your 100% completion.

Final verdict 

6180 the moon isn’t really that great. The gameplay is average and you’ll quickly master the clunky controls, but it serves its purpose in being interesting enough to keep your attention during the 1-2 hours of play time. The little story is cute but completely underwhelming and arguably a bit pointless. The only reason I would recommend someone  buy and play this game is because it’s very cheap, priced at £3.19 here in the UK, making it totally worth it for one of the easiest and most undemanding 1000 gamerscore points ever! If you’re an achievement hunter and you haven’t got this game yet then what are you waiting for?!

Pros – easy 1000gs, simple controls, cool soundtrack, cheap price

Cons – mediocre gameplay, cute but dull story, no replay value

6180 the moon Quick Review – Do you want an easy 1000 gamerscore?
6180 the moon offers an easy 1000 gamerscore in about 1-2 hours of play!

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