Have you played A Game of Coins yet? Let us know what you think

A Game of Coins

Have you played A Game of Coins yet? Let us know what you think
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A Game of Coins by Tall Guy Productions is about a king that underwent a horrific metamorphosis, due to his evil Advisor, and turned his subjects into coins. Sound familiar a little? Yeah, Aladdin. The coins are trying to escape the dungeon in which they’ve been placed. As Meek Mill would say, ‘There’s level to this…’

The gameplay is conducted by the swipe of your finger. The main point is to aim and flip your coin toward the goal or away from danger. There are also opposing coins that try to push you into goo or derail you from reaching the evil Advisor who initially cursed the King.

Qi is Key

You aim by swiping your finger, shoot by holding down the Qi on the screen and then, depending on the build up, you may be able to break through a box or get closer to your next step. There are ways to upgrade you Qi and that’s by unlocking levels and using you points to upgrade. This a strategy game like Chess. Your movements are limited, and you can only move certain ways. As a coin, if I knock someone in goo then I’ve just put myself in the position to be knocked in goo by an opposing coin. But sometimes, just like Chess, you have to sacrifice pawns for the greater good. Throughout the game, you have to plan your moves carefully.  


The background story isn’t much but the music definitely adds to the suspense and the willingness to reach the end goal. The music is majestic and demanding mixed with a little bit of the X-Files theme song. 


The graphics are really solid and the coins look like discolored Oreos, so it did make me hungry. There are eastern Asian symbols on the coins that glow. This game is two dimensional but very detailed. For example, the goo is green but it moves even though it’s on the sides of the screen. Everything is very vibrant with a medium toned coloring.

This game was fun to play. It’s like my virtual Sudoku; I can’t put it down. I want to see how many coins I can flip off. The quotes throughout the game are inspirational. At the beginning of the game, I didn’t like the fact that when I’m aiming to flip my coin at an enemy it automatically stops me when I’m on target. I believe the game is less of a challenge because of that feature. For example, if you’ve ever played a game with a gauge and it stops you at the optimal point where you need to shoot, shooting is no longer a challenge because the game is on auto-assist. However, this feature doesn’t last very long as the game progresses. The game gets a bit more challenging because there aren’t arrows and hints to let you know whether or not it’s a good shot.

Though the characters, concept and gameplay are well developed, this is not a game I can play for hours on end. This is a pretty good game for the kiddies to play or for a quick “let’s see how many coins I can flip” competition here and there. There is no pressure to finish the game within a certain time, and you work at your own pace. This game is fun to figure out but probably won’t hold your interest for too long. 

Game of Coins is a great game for fans of placement/strategy games. Download this game and let us know what you think in the comments below.

A Game of Coins
Have you played A Game of Coins yet? Let us know what you think

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