Ace of Spades Game Review

Great copy of Minecraft but with more Bugs/Glitches but important part. GUNS.

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Ace of Spades Game Review

Hello their my name is Towlie and this review is going to be on Ace of Spades. Everybody knows Minecraft that it is the biggest indie game of all time. Well now there is a new game that has been out for quite a while. Ace of Spades is Minecraft with guns. Ace of Spades used to be free back then when it was not known and they never advertised and they never really updated it. But then Steam came along with GreenLight, A community vote system where people who have steam installed could vote on games that should be on. Well Ace of Spades was lucky and got voted to be on Steam. I’m surprised that a game finally came back from the grave and was put on Steam. I will put my points on the game and why it should still be here.

The gameplay is the important part for games. If you didn’t have gameplay you basically just had a movie and who really wants to watch a movie instead of playing the real thing. Minecraft has been the number 1 indie game since it came out. People thought that it was not really going to make it but when more updates for it came out then suddenly it became more popular.

Ace of Spades though is different because they finally added a important thing that Minecraft dosen’t have, GUNS. That’s right you can actually use guns and there is more important things to this game then just guns. You can build towers and be able to build just like you would in Minecraft but you don’t have blocks that Minecraft has. You just have 1 block that changes to a lot of colors and the only way to get blocks is by destroying them with a shovel or the pickaxe.

The game is a bit, well, lets just say slow. The past game experiences I have had with the game is just it lags so much and when you kill somebody then they are not usually gone for  another 30 seconds. The weapons are awesome but the lag is the thing that counters the awesomeness. This game has had problems with it but their are some good points that I might put in. Its a different Indie game then most of them. Its basically Minecraft with guns. The best part is you can build stuff that protect the flags.

Graphics of Ace of Spades

Well they are not exactly the best of this time. It’s suppose to be blocky with a touch of crappy design but its kinda good. The creators didn’t really put that much into the graphics but I think they wanted it that way cause the game wasn’t really made with that much money. I will give the graphics a 7/10 because some of it is just to annoying at times to tell what some of it is so hopefully they update with better graphics.


Yes what everybody is waiting for is the verdict. Well on my previous experiences and technical issues with the game I give it a 7/10 because here is why.

1. Graphics should be updated a little.

2. Multiplayer lags so bad at times.

3. The game likes to crash at times when you are building and/or it would disconnect from the server you are playing on.

I know some people might give this game a better score but I believe in my opinion that this game deserved this score. So I hope you enjoy and read my upcoming post for more game reviews.

Ace of Spades Game Review
Great copy of Minecraft but with more Bugs/Glitches but important part. GUNS.

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