Afro Samurai Review

Afro Samurai not your average hack n' slash.
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Afro Samurai was a release that I purchased upon launch. Upon buying it I had no expectations for it; all I knew is it was a hack and slash video game that was based off an anime series. I know nothing about anime either so this really made the buy a gamble, one I was happy I made.

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Graphics for this game are cell shaded which in most cases I am not a huge fan of; there are a couple exceptions. This game is definetly one of them. The enemies fall apart with each slice so beautifully that the cell shading just compliments the gore. The characters are designed in a way that one couldn’t picture them being in regular style graphics. GRAPHICS:  10/10

Gameplay for Afro is a great deal of fun providing you are interested in hack and slash style games. Although you must have a slight interest in ninjas and samurais to thoroughly enjoy this game. There are collectibles to help you to explore the world and truly enjoy the game. Also, I found myself playing through a second time on hard then quitting due to the difficulty of one boss. GAMEPLAY: 10/10

The soundtrack for this game is outstanding. The game gives a great sense of two cultures both the Hip Hop culture of society today and the old Japanese culture that the game is based around. The track mixes for this game must be heard even if you are not playing the game. SOUNDTRACK: 10/10

Controls for the game are not always easy to adapt to. The basics are there and work well, but the more than occasional camera glitch definitely throws the player through a loop. Although while fighting it doesn’t seem to be much of an issue. The fights are fairly easy to maneuver and slide from one enemy to the next. CONTROLS: 5/10


GRAPHICS:  10/10

GAMEPLAY:  10/10



OVERALL:  9/10

Afro Samurai was a game that I had little to no expectations for, this may be one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much. So to be sure of what I though I popped the game in again and it still hold true and is definetly worth a pick up.

Afro Samurai Review
Afro Samurai not your average hack n' slash.

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