Archeblade Review

A review of the new, free to play, PC fighting game Archeblade.

Guns, Girls, and Warriors, Oh my!

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Not too long ago, Archeblade was released on Steam as part of their Early Access program, allowing people to purchase alpha and beta testing rights on some games, or get an early shot at Free to Play games. One that caught the eye of me and a friend was Archeblade. We recently downloaded and played the game, and this is what we have to say.


So far, the game looks nice. Everything has that bright, colorful Eastern touch to it. Characters are also well detailed, with all of their clothing, expressions, and attack animations fleshed out thoroughly. My only graphical complaint was a lot of jaggies. But, given that this is an early build of the game.


Well, if you like fighters, and I do, then you should enjoy what the game has to offer. Each character plays differently. There’s some nice variety, between characters who shine in different game modes. Hit tracking is a little wonk, but I’m hoping that will be ironed out in the official release.

Final Word

Thanks to the different characters, and multiple maps and game modes, this game has quite a bit of replay value. It’s on par with your average MOBA, like League of Legends or DOTA. I’ve had a bit of fun playing it, but it really does feel unfinished. Fortunately, the devs have stated that there is more to come. So for now, I’m giving it a tentative 6/10, mainly for being an unfinished product. Feel free to check it out on steam and let me know what you think. I’ll be writing another review once the game officially releases.

Archeblade Review
A review of the new, free to play, PC fighting game Archeblade.

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