A’therys Ascended: A Worthy Minecraft Server

A short review praising the A'therys Ascended Minecraft server, community, and special features.

As Minecraft is on the rise as a popular multiplayer game, there have been more and more long-term servers that have popped up, giving features beyond the remedial Minecraft building mentality. From Hunger Games, Spleef, to RP-Lore based servers, there’s always something out there for everybody.

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Spending most of my time playing multiplayer Minecraft, finding a good server that respects the community can be a rare commodity, and when I found it, I held on for dear life. That amazing server is called A’therys Ascended, brought by Gazamo.

So What Makes A’therys Different?

There are many components that have made A’therys different from other servers, and it’s mostly the community. The A’therys community is made up of people from all over the world, ranging in all different ages. I’ve seen some of the younger players go through hard times, and the whole community came together to console them.

As of most recently, the community is getting a bit rallied together to fight the evil Final Exams as they prepare for their inevitable summer vacation. From the darkest times, to the brightest ones, the community sticks together, providing a makeshift family. When you’re part of the A’theryscommunity, you’re never alone.

Show Me the Plug-ins!

Another great aspect about A’therys Ascended is the plug-ins that they’ve added to enhance the typical Minecraft gameplay. Those plug-ins include Towny, Heroes, and Hypereconomy.

Having these plug-ins available creates the ability to own a town, partake in a fluctuating market, and level up in the field of Acolyte, Initiate, Squire, or Knave. Sure, you can ­­still build and farm like regular Minecraft, but on a larger scale with some great add-ons to make your Minecraft life a bit less boring. With the hero’s plug-in specifically, it’s enhanced the ability to PvP on a mass scale, to include specific skills to use within battle.

 Heavy Lore

Although A’therys Ascended is a Minecraft server, the creators have made some intensely thorough lore to bring the server to life. The lore embodies the six nations that inhabit the server. The nations are: Aloreh, Ithero, Roreg Logh, Vrovona, Ar-selukk, and Daggerlands. Each with their own nation leader, give the players a type of foundation to build their personal character lore, and the ability to become part of something much larger than their own town – their nation.

The players are able to use a Character Card plug-in to design a background for them, and partake in some good old fashioned RP scenarios. Some of the scenarios are simple player formed groups, or on the other spectrum, server wide events that let players live through the lore. Since A’therys has the thorough lore, the limitations on personal character lore are sky high, as long as it’s safe for all ages.

 A’therys-Only Goodies

Since A’therys Ascended is a large community, the owners have provided some great material to make the gameplay even more fantastic. By owning a large-slotted TeamSpeak3 server, anyone can hop on and talk to their friends while playing on the server or other games. They also have a team that’s always improving the A’therys Resource Pack for a more personal gameplay. When using the resource pack, you’re also able to view the server-side textures they’ve made called Metadata, which is only available through A’therys Ascended.

Not to mention, they have a Community Forum site where players can mingle and Staff can make announcements. I’ve using these server goodies for over a year now, and I’m quite thankful they’re available. My entire town would be in ruins without the ability to talk over a mic with TeamSpeak3.

Guilds, Guilds, Guilds!

A’therys Ascended also offers guilds within the server that are separate from the respected nations. If you feel as though you want to specialize in that guild, you are always free to apply to them for acceptance. The guilds currently available are: The Arcane College, Merchant’s Guild, Marcolo Brigands, Halion, Scribes of Order, and Umtrahd Ruul. The guilds range from magic to assassins, and a full review of them can be found here.

If you’re feeling up for the challenge of joining an intricate Minecraft server, the TeamSpeak3 IP is chat.gazamo.com and the Minecraft server IP is rp.gazamo.com. For more information, check the Planet Minecraft page. I’ll also gladly offer any answers to questions, and get you acclimated into the server.

If this seems to peak your interest, I’ll also be posting more articles embodying the server. Check for updates and news!

A’therys Ascended: A Worthy Minecraft Server
A short review praising the A'therys Ascended Minecraft server, community, and special features.

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