Baby, Come Back! We’ve Got You Warcraft 3! [Blizzard Rant] Pt.2

It's just a Warcraft 3 Love Story.
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Give me a list of every game ever made, and which will I choose to play?

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Warcraft 3.

This game set in motion me giving up years of my life to gaming.  If I wasn’t playing the single player storyline, I was in a match destroying fools.  I like to reminisce about how I was once good at RTS games, but I know it was just a mental forgery.  Like that memory of being a soccer prodigy, I wasn’t actually, I just played against a bunch of fat baddies.

Speaking of fat baddies, anyone else have an obsession back in the day with Tower Line Defense? I really can’t understand how I used to get so much enjoyment out of playing those custom games back in the day time and time again.  Vampirism? Sure, it’s different every time, maybe you’re the last person the vamp finds so you get that free early farm, maybe you’re the first target and so you have to sacrifice research for early firepower.  The simplicity of play with the depth of mastery made Warcraft accommodating to not just the first time RTS players but also the hardcore pro gamers; after all it’s still an E-Sport to this day!

So what more is there to say on a now ancient game? It’s hard to pass judgement on old games statistics because everything now is hindsight.  All that I will say in conclusion is that if you have not yet played Warcraft 3, pick it up, or borrow it from a buddy. Its storyline is great, the characters are eternal names in the gaming community, and the gameplay is still to this day enjoyable. 

Baby, Come Back! We’ve Got You Warcraft 3! [Blizzard Rant] Pt.2
It's just a Warcraft 3 Love Story.

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