Battle Antarctica Review – Sure is Boring in Here

Lack of balance and variety keeps Battle Antarctica from being a memorable tower defense game.

Lack of balance and variety keeps Battle Antarctica from being a memorable tower defense game.

All tower defense games are not created equal. Some are good, some are bad, and some are just kind of in the middle.

Battle of Antarctica sits squarely in the middle. There really is no doubt about that.

Some tower defense games are known for their visuals, others for their gameplay, and yet others for the types of towers present. I can’t really say what stands out about Battle of Antarctica because nothing really does. That’s not to say that it’s particularly bad, but nothing about the game is really that memorable.

What’s Good

You have a lot of tower options. That’s about it.

What’s not so good

You have to keep the penguins (and other Antarctic-living animals) from reaching the other side of the stage. Not really anything new there, and the enemy variations aren’t really something that you’re going to remember outside of “penguins”. Each stage doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of waves, though the waves that do come are packed with loads of enemies.

The bad thing about having long waves (in short amount) is that you don’t know what types of enemies are coming next, and the game doesn’t tell you their strengths and weaknesses either. If this were a tower defense with smaller levels or less tower options, this would be a real issue as the enemies are fairly strong in comparison to your tower strength. But since we are talking about Battle of Antarctica and not some other TD, it works out by giving you a good amount of gold and several tower options.

I mentioned before that nothing about the game is really memorable outside of the amount of towers available. There are 10 towers, ranging hugely in price and strength — though to say these two things are relevant would be silly. The Sniper is by far the best bang for your buck and is less than a fourth of the cost of the most expensive option available. This shows a lack of lack of balance, as half the time all you really need to do is stack Snipers to clear each level.

That’ll do, penguin, that’ll do.

It might not be the best TD out there, but Battle of Antarctica is entertaining enough to spend some time on. Fans of tower defense games can be sure that they will be playing for a while just to clear every level with three stars, but there isn’t much to keep anyone else playing. It’s a neat little TD, but it doesn’t have enough to make it stand out.

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