Blur: a great racing game for your LAN party

Are you looking for a good arcade racing game to play on your LAN party? Then check this review and give Blur a chance.

The goal of this review isn’t to create an exhaustive game description or to calculate an overall game time. The goal is to introduce you to a multiplayer aspect of Blur and to give you some guides, by which you can decide whether Blur is the right game for your LAN party.

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Introduction to the game

Although the most wanted genres at the LAN party are first person shooters or strategy games, sometimes there is also interest in racing games. That could be a problem because there is only a few of really good racing games. One of these games is Blur, so let’s look why this game should deserve your attention.

Why did we choose this game and how did it prove itself at the LAN party?

We started to play Blur two years ago and it seemed almost miraculous. It wasn’t the first racing game at our party. We already tried Need for Speed or Flatout, but there were some gaming issues with those games. For example very soon after the race started the field shattered across the circuit and the race lost its charm. It wasn’t enjoyable when the players rode at intervals until the end of the race. Another issue was the fact that every mistake was harshly punished so the player could not catch his opponents after just one mistake.

Blur is different. During a race there is always an opponent near you, a reward awaits you on every corner, and no collision is so serious to ruin your chances to win. Blur is pure fun.


Playability and furious action moments are the biggest advantages of the game. Do you think that you will get bored by the solo racing over time? Don’t worry, you will get guided missiles to tease your competitors in Blur. Is your opponent right behind you? Trap a mine under his wheels, so he will remember who is the boss here next time.

Another advantage of the game is the duration of a single race. Most of them will be finished under 5 minutes, so don’t worry about one foiled race, there will be another soon. And believe us, there will be many of those.

There is also a small bonus in form of various race awards. Become the fastest racer, most aggressive driver, audience darling and so on.


Blur doesn’t have many weaknesses, but still there are some. The first issue we met was about the user interface. It is really difficult to navigate through the game lobby and sometimes we accidentally started the race instead of leaving it.

The second issue was about the players visibility. Some players couldn’t join the game lobby. Unfortunately we didn’t find out why does it happen.

How many players played the game. How does the game change with different number of players?

We played Blur in 4 to 10 players. The race become more aggressive with increased number of players, but this eventually does not harm the playability. The game is very attractive even with 4 people. The maximum number of players is 20, but we didn’t have a chance to try the game with so many.


We have played Blur over two years and it became one of our favorite games. The playability is really addictive and hardware requirements are minimal. If you LAN party has a desire for a racing game then Blur is a sure thing for you.



Blur: a great racing game for your LAN party
Are you looking for a good arcade racing game to play on your LAN party? Then check this review and give Blur a chance.

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