Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Fist-Fighting in Armor Done Right

Forget modern warfare, go medieval with Chivalry. Knight fighting at its finest.

Recently, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare came out on Steam. I recently started playing it and can’t put it down. Anyone who has ever wanted to be a knight or a crossbowman can live out their fantasies just as they please. Not only that, but they can do it in beautiful detail with an impressive amount of players, giving it the feel of a true old school battlefield.

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The graphical style of this game is amazing. It is realistic, but still interesting. There are two factions with different colors and armors, along with the different classes having their set armors, so, each soldier has their own distinct look.


The music is pretty great, too. You won’t notice it at first, as for the most part, it does a good job of staying in the background, but at the right moments, it will take the most intense duel and turn it into something straight out of the movies.


It contains a variety of gameplay modes, but my favorite is free-for-all on arena maps. The chaos of fighting 15 other people is hectic, but very fun. There are four classes, each with multiple weapon options, meaning there’s tons of variety and flexibility in the fighting.

On the subject of the fighting, I have to say, I’ve never lived as a medieval knight, but Chivalry: Medieval Warfare does an amazing job of what I assume it was like. There are three basic attacks that can vary by the input of movement you do. That combined with feints, blocking, and kicks to break blocks means there’s a lot of depth to the combat system.

The true test of one’s skill is winning in a fist fight. My friends introduced me to the unofficial SCREAM PUNCH ruleset, where one fights only with fists and spams the voice commands while duking it out. Needless to say, knocking the head off your foe with just your fists is one of the most rewarding things on the planet.

Final Word


The music, graphics, and combat system do a great job of adding to the overall atmosphere of the game, making it feel like the true experience. With its replayability and low price tag of $24.99, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare definitely worth the purchase.

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