The Corsair IronClaw RGB is a brilliant new mouse for MOBAs, FPS games, and whatever you can shake a stick at!

Corsair IronClaw RGB Gaming Mouse Review

The Corsair IronClaw RGB is a brilliant new mouse for MOBAs, FPS games, and whatever you can shake a stick at!

We wanted a bunch of new games and tech for 2019, and Corsair delivereth a mere week in. What a way to get started.

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The first of their latest gaming mice that I reviewed was the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless: a plucky little wireless mouse that proves that greatness can be delivered in small packages.

Its cousin, the Corsair IronClaw RGB, on the other hand, is nowhere near as subtle, and I sort of love it for that.

Released on January 7th, 2019, the IronClaw is billed as a FPS/MOBA specific gaming mouse, but I don’t think it would be controversial to suggest that this mouse is brilliant for any sort of gaming. 

Right off the bat, this mouse fit my hand perfectly. There’s a smooth, rubberized feel to the thumb pad that’s matched by the roller wheel. I think the wheel was my favorite part about the mouse: no joke. It’s set into a nice, wide berth between the left and right mouse buttons, and that sense of space gives the wheel the feeling of a whole lot of freedom. That freedom might come with a price down the line, however, as I can imagine a gaping hole in the top of your mouse could slowly become a bottomless pit for crumbs, dust, and unlucky insects over time. You may want to clean this bad boy regularly.

While MOBAs might not be my thing, I can see how this mouse in particular might work brilliantly for FPS games and other timer-based combat experiences like those that you’d see in MMOs like World of Warcraft. The mouse has seven programmable buttons, which lends itself to a ton of flexibility for loadouts and spell-heavy games. And an on-board storage system for your layouts and customization means you won’t have to worry about travel or swapping between computers with this one.

That size I mentioned before is also going to come into play here: already I’m a huge fan of how well the mouse fits into my hand in an unconscious sort of way. I would be willing to bet that this mouse would be popular among those who have larger hands and can’t quite cope with some of the smaller gaming mice out there. Despite all of that clunk, it still only tops out the scales at a mere 105 grams: definitely not the heaviest I’ve ever seen.

For all of its comfort and features, the IronClaw RGB is a fairly Spartan-looking piece of hardware, which seems to be a common theme among other mice and keyboards that Corsair has designed in the past. The IronClaw has a RGB back lighting setup which is very nice, but limited to three key areas: the heel of the mouse, the wheel’s fitting area, and a small spot near the thumb. Everything else is a standard issue black plastic that offers very little in the way of bells and whistles.

Honestly, I see the minimalist design as a feature. Look: we all want our gaming rig to look like it was jury-rigged from an Alpha-Centaurian pirate ship (or is that just me?), but you can’t argue with quality. Give me subtle and effective over loud and half-assed any day of the week.

We asked for something fun to try out in the first week of 2019, and Corsair more than delivered. There’s plenty of the year left, but I’d say that this is my favorite mouse so far. It’s comfortable to use and more than able to handle fast-paced titles.

The Corsair IronClaw RGB Gaming Mouse is available on Amazon for $59.99.

Corsair IronClaw RGB Gaming Mouse Review
The Corsair IronClaw RGB is a brilliant new mouse for MOBAs, FPS games, and whatever you can shake a stick at!

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