Crime Craft: Not Minecraft

Economy collapses, sexy women, shotguns, explosives and camping.
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Sometimes the money runs out, and they’re two bucks short at the end of the month. Sometimes there’s a fight, and it’s unmistakably the end. Sometimes there’s a mugging just around the corner, and there’s not enough courage to stand up for what’s right in the dark alley ways of a big town city. 

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It all happened so fast. Like the world stopped on a dime. Bankrupt cities. Riots. The wars. Gangs rules the streets now. If you don’t join up with them, they will hunt you down. I didn’t ask for any of this. I was just looking for someplace I could survive. Some place I could make a living… maybe that place is Sunrise City. 

Crime Craft pits the player into the middle of villainy, heroism and downright dirty business Reservoir Dogs style in the last bastion of humanity in the United States. The world’s oil economy has collapsed, and oil doesn’t really exist anymore. There’s hardly enough power left to power a city, let alone a country. People are savage, and people are survivors. 

Crime Craft is both a single player game with an extensive story line and a multi-player arena style game with a very large city hub for players to explore and meet in. The story and well designed hub tell the tale of a collapsed world economy that falls back into humanity’s warlike period in the United States. The bankers have formed their own faction and don’t live in Sunrise anymore, and the government barely understands what happened because it happened so fast. Now gangs, both vigilante and criminal, roam the streets, and Crime Craft explores the moral choices and possibilities that sort of bleak future might hold if we fail to find alternative energy and means of peace for the future. 

Crime Craft also has a very extensive customization and crafting system, though it’s particularly hard for a new player to get off the ground without some assistance from veteran players. (It’s also really hard to shoot a tiny female character running around in a sports bra and booty shorts: caution parents, this one’s a little more than PG-13.)

The third person style of this shooter lends a frantic sense of “OhSH**” as rounding a corner into a loaded gun is all too common. 

Despite the great story though, (as much as I loved it) Sunrise City will grant paying members an advantage over those less fortunate: as a result Sunrise City is dying. But if you’ve never had a chance to fight for your life against the wall of rival gangs and police alike, Crime Craft is still worth a shot.

Crime Craft: Not Minecraft
Economy collapses, sexy women, shotguns, explosives and camping.

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