Dead Island Riptide…Game or DLC

So I guess our survivors escaped from the zombie apocalypse on the paradise island of Banoi. Our Survivors bailed in the helicopter, escaped to a military ship where they  were held against their will to be lab rats. A storm hits the ship and the virus is somehow spread amongst the crew. The ship crashes and you’re back on a different but same island…really?

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Dead Island: Riptide is suppose to be a sequel to Dead Island. Is it bad for me to say that this game is a DLC at best? Both games I would say are the same, more or less. The graphics, game play and game interface have not changed. The quality of the visuals are uneven and the combat is unrefined. The changes Techland made were to  add a different kind of zombie, some boats, a new character, and name this title Riptide.

So that brings us to the question: why even make the purchase? It is a fun game, if looting the Island, upgrading dull machete, leveling up your character with experience points or just going ham hacking off limbs and taking head shots is your thrill.

In closing, Dead Island: Riptide is a fun game, especially co-op, which is really rewarding. There is definitely enough content to keep you busy, but these strengths still do not give the game any lasting appeal. Techland had a chance to make this game epic–they could of reinvented or come up with a few original surprises with a more updated version of this game. The RPG makes and saves it  from being a flop. I rate this game a 6.9 fun but feels like deja vu.  Don’t forget to follow me here on GameSkinny, Twitter and on Twitch TV.

Dead Island Riptide…Game or DLC

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