Deadpool – My First Hour

My First Hour With The New Deadpool Game
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I picked up Deadpool this morning, hoping to have something to do tonight, and I have to say I was a little disappointed. I have played about an hour into the game, so I can’t really say how good it is overall, but so far It is not my cup of tea.

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I was always a fan of Deadpool since his first appearance in 1991; who wouldn’t love a bat-crap crazy superhuman mercenary? But in my opinion, this new game just doesn’t do the character justice. The story so far is pretty funny, in a juvenile sort of way. The voices in his head are probably the best part.


My real complaint so far is the gameplay. Deadpool is about as slow as you can get; he should be way faster than he is. The combat is not fluid at all; the combos have huge breaks in between hits. The shooting is also D quality at best. I am playing with a Xbox controller so it might just be the controller, but it seems very hard to aim. As a fan of the character Deadpool, I think the combat is offensive. He is way more bad-ass in the comics and they could have taken the time to do him justice.

The Story

What I have seen of the story so far is pretty funny, very mature stuff. One of my first actions in the game was to pump up an inflatable sex doll–that was a memorable opening. The voices in his head also do much for the narrative, giving you hints and little background tidbits. Deadpool also has a habit of breaking ” the fourth wall” and talking directly to the player, which I really like. The whole plot centers around Deadpool kidnapping a High Moon Studio employee and making him make an awesome game about himself. The plot has kept me entertained enough to ignore the crappy fighting mechanics.


Like I said before, I am currently only an hour in and I am having fun with the game so far. I am really hoping that some of the upgrades I don’t have yet will make him as bad-ass as Deadpool should be. All in all I would say this is worth a play through just to check out some of the humor for yourself.

Deadpool – My First Hour
My First Hour With The New Deadpool Game

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