Do What You Want ‘Cause a Pirate is Free: Pirate King International Review

Enjoy watching One Piece? Try playing it!
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Have you ever felt like being a pirate for a while? How about a pirate from One Piece anime? Doesn’t matter what you wanted before, now you will only think about treasures and riches, as we’re going on a real pirate adventure with a game called Pirate King International. No time to wait! It is all or nothing here and now!

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Let’s begin with a fact that it is a browser game. That means you can get access to it anywhere, anytime. And that is a very important fact, since a true pirate takes every chance to hunt for treasures.


Treasures? Yes! There are plenty of those in the game. Beginning from simply different kinds of currency, and moving all the way up to powerful gear and precious gemstones, there are so many things you will find interest in, that it will bring you back day after day just to get more and more. Greedy? Good!


There are many different ways to obtain more power: setting sail to find great treasures, venturing into challenging dungeons, completing tasks, creating new items with the help

of artisans, exploring the maps in search for precious gems, getting rare and strong pets, conquering other players or teaming up with them to challenge giant monsters; all this and more will be there for you when you will be fighting your way to One Piece.

Wow, this game is fancy. – My mom

Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen the anime, maybe it’s about time for you to do so! The game follows the story so precisely that you will find yourself facing spoilers if you haven’t seen the original yet. If you have, however, you will have an incredibly good time enjoying all your favorite characters and places.


The game has lovely graphics that closely resemble the style of the franchise. Combined with inspiring music, it becomes a truly addicting game.



Pirate King International has a large player community from all over the world. There are many ways to meet other players and to interact with them. From teaming up for difficult dungeons together or gathering into a big and strong guild, to facing each other in tournaments and battles for precious resources.


The world of the game is so big that even the top players say that they do not have all the features unlocked. On top of that, the game spoils us with tons of various events and gifts, and makes the overall experience even more rich and entertaining.


I don’t know what you are waiting for! Sign up and claim the treasures!

Do What You Want ‘Cause a Pirate is Free: Pirate King International Review
Enjoy watching One Piece? Try playing it!

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