Don’t Eat People Review: Seriously Don’t Eat the People

Don't Eat People is a fun and addicting new app that keeps you coming back!
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Don’t Eat People is the newest app to come from the creators of Hot Shot Santa and Grilly the Cheese, Piasa Games. The game is challenging and fun all encompassed in a monsters eat human cartoonish theme. 

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The app released recently and has gotten great reviews from all of its players on the app store with some calling it the best they’ve seen from this studio and I would have to agree. The team really pulled together a great app that’s fun, addicting, and challenging. 

The premise of Don’t Eat People is to feed the monster by eating the cattle. The goal, though is to only eat the cattle and not the people who are sacrificing themselves.

Eating People Couldn’t Get Any More Fun

The jumping, stampedes, and sacrifices are all great features that the developers used to keep the game fun after you’ve played for a while. The game doesn’t get monotonous at all. 

Let your monster eat a golden bull and a ton of bulls will run towards you – eat a black bull and a slew of people come rushing to jump in the monsters mouth. This randomization keeps the game active allowing you to enjoy it and stay focused.

It’s Addicting and Competitive

Don’t Eat People makes you focus as stated above but the problem is that you end up focusing too much – you won’t want to put it down! 

The leaderboard has a list of high scores that you will keep checking and playing until you get to the top. Also you can share your high score on Twitter or Facebook to challenge your friends and get them to play along. 

The Music is Upbeat and Catchy While the Monsters Keep You Coming Back

While you focus on when you need to close the monster’s mouth, the music will keep you bobbing along with the best of them. 

There are three different monsters that you get to play with and each are wonderfully made and have interesting characteristics. The colors of the monsters along with the background and the stampedes all create a wonderful theme that is easy on the eyes. 

Overall if you love playing games that will have you challenging yourself to keep raising your score, you’ll love Don’t Eat People.

Don’t Eat People is now available on iOS and is coming soon to Android. 

Don’t Eat People Review: Seriously Don’t Eat the People
Don't Eat People is a fun and addicting new app that keeps you coming back!

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