Edmus: Run. Rinse. Repeat.

What the heck is a "one button MMO"? Why do the blobs only have one eye? Why do I keep playing this? Edmus proves a bizarre (yet fun) time killer.
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Flash games are known best for being easy to pick up and best played in small doses. This isn’t always the case, but sometimes it’s fun to just play a quick and simple game without really having to worry about it. Edmus is what the developers call a “one-button MMO”, but what is it exactly?

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Imagine you’re in an obstacle race with a bunch of people at once. You can jump and double jump, nothing more. No running forward nor backward, no punching the people in the lead in the back of the head. Just running and jumping and, once you’ve picked up speed, going super fast. Okay, now imagine you’re just a blob with two nub legs, a giant eyeball, and maybe a classy monocle or stylish top hat. Now you’re playing Edmus, but with your brain!


Playing the game for real and not in your imagination is basically exactly as described above. You can use the mouse or any key on your keyboard to jump and double jump as you try to beat out the other nub-legged blobs. You race, you die, you maybe buy an upgrade or a hat, and then you do it again. Nothing complicated about it, and it’s tons of fun.


I could go on and on about how many times I fell into the pit, got tired of seeing the mirror runs of that one guy with the grass hair, or got lost in my flowing golden moustache. But why go into great detail? Edmus is a fun flash game. Nothing more, nothing less.

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