Eets Munchies Is A Cute Game For Kids

A cute and fun puzzle game for kids!

When I started playing Eets Munchies I was hoping for a cute challenging game, but it was rather easy. I started playing with my 10-year-old cousin and he got more excitement out of the game than I did. This game is adorable, but for someone who is my age (20), it’s not really challenging. Don’t get me wrong, there were some levels that stumped me a for a while but it was easy overall.

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Cool Features

As you play through each level you will collect items like lollipops, sundaes and jello. You get new items every few levels but if you collect 18 points you also get a new item. You get very interesting items like the Inhale Whale that sucks things in and shoots them out. All the different things you can get to Eets get to the cake are very creative and interesting.

Another cool thing about this game is that you can create your own levels–although I suggest finishing the game first because you need to unlock all the features so you have all the things you need to create your own fun level. Creating your own level is fun, easy and can be a fun way to stump your friends.

Something I found annoying

When clicking some items and adding them to the game I found it hard to click them. When I would go to put a log step in so Eets can jump on it I had to click it a bunch of times until I could grab it.

All in all this game was cute and fun. I recommend it for anyone who knows any kids who like puzzle games, but I also recommend it to anyone who likes puzzles!

Eets Munchies Is A Cute Game For Kids
A cute and fun puzzle game for kids!

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