Enter the Chase! – Grand Chase

Rush into battle with this fast action pace mmorpg!!
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Grand Chase is a free to play fantasy MMORPG that has servers in various parts of the world. The adventure of Grand Chase takes place throughout the fantasy continents known as Bermesiah, Silver Land, Ellia, Xenia, Archimedia, and Alcubra.

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The game tells the story of two kingdoms, Serdin and Kanavan, in a war after a great evil tricked them into battling each other. Eventually, the evil hold attained by Kaze’aze (a horrible queen of darkness) was broken and she was set to be killed; however, she managed to escape.

The Queen of Kanavan had her mind set on killing Kaze’aze using any means possible. She sent an elite force of trackers known as the Kanavan Trackers to find and bring Kaze’aze to justice. Unfortunately,  they disappeared and Kaze’aze was nowhere to be found. Years later, it seems that Kaze’aze is back to her old tricks and is making the two kingdoms fight yet again. The birth of the guild Grand Chase was the result of the queen wanting to stop war from breaking out.

Grand Chase is a guild bent on protecting the peace between the two kingdoms. The Guild consists of the characters you can obtain in-game. Starting off, you get to use three characters, who are all girls. Elesis is a warrior from Kanavan, and, like most warriors, is hard-headed, rash, and extremely loyal. Lire is an elf from Eryuell Island (home of the elves). At first, she distrusts the other two starting members but eventually gets along with them. As the final starter, you have the mage Arme who is from Serdin and is in love with magic and everything having to do with it. Along the way, you meet other characters and are able to unlock them by completing certain missions. Each character is leveled separately, so you could have a level 40 Arme but a level 1 Lire.


Grand Chase’s PvE aspect is heavily built on dungeons which are unlocked as you beat previous ones. The dungeons have a set party limit of four characters and you may pick the same character as another person. As you ascend in levels you unlock job missions where you can advance your job class and gain new skills and weapons. Sadly, there is only one path you can take but you are able to change weapons and use other jobs that you have if you like them better. Running through a dungeon gives you experience points along with GP (the in-game currency) which you can use to buy weapons and armor. Monsters in the dungeon also drop items that are given to players through a roll system.


There are various PvP modes in Grand Chase and some are only available through certain events. There are team battles, Survival (basically a Free-For-All), Smashing, where you smash down certain objects, and Honor Guard, where you protect a member of your team. You can also turn on items or make it so you can change between two characters throughout the fight. There are various channels which you can access based on your character level.

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Enter the Chase! – Grand Chase
Rush into battle with this fast action pace mmorpg!!

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