Feed the Horde – A Review of Dead Hungry Diner

Dead Hungry Diner is a good game if you like the Diner Dash type series.
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I’ve always been a huge fan of the Dash series (such as Diner Dash). With the Halloween sale going on Steam, I thought I would take a look and I found this neat little game with the same premise as the Dash games, only this time, I am feeding hordes of zombies, skeletons, vampires, and werewolves. This looked like quite an interesting game.

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A Little Bit About the Dead Hungry Diner

The town of Ravenwood has been set upon by monsters. The hero who originally was protecting the town, Vanda Helsing, slept in one night, leaving the town defenseless. A pair of orphaned twins found out the monsters were hungry and seemed to enjoy the brainberries they had. The next night, they opened the diner to serve the monsters. This diner kept the town of Ravenwood safe.

Vanda Helsing did return to duty, and so the twins have to protect their clientage from Vanda herself while carrying on with feeding the monster horde. Keeping the peace between vampires and werewolves are also a challenge that the two have to deal with.

My Review

I enjoyed the time I took to play Dead Hungry Zombie. It is a great little indie game with an interesting idea. Gameplay is simple and straight-out. Like Diner Dash, the game also helps you to know how to handle the characters that are dining in as well as what each boost the twins receive does. With the ease of use, I could definitely see this game being a family favorite, as long as the child is of the age of understanding to not be scared of the monsters used in the game.

I did find one glitch that kept my review from being higher. Sometimes when the next board would be loading, the screen will go black and only the brainberry tree will show. Basically, the game would stop responding. I would have to alt+tab out to close the program via the windows task screen as I couldn’t get the menu to pop up by hitting escape.

Another issue I had with the game is the screen resolution the game is available in. I wasn’t able to play it with the full resolution of my monitor so I could always see what was behind the game making it a bit more difficult to truly immerse myself into the gameplay at hand.

About the Game and Its Developers

Dead Hungry Diner is developed and maintained by Black Market Games. It has a game rating of 7 through PEGI (Pan European Game Information). They have a website you can see more about the game (http://deadhungrydiner.com/).

Overall, I thought the game was a decent way to pass time and an excellent way to end my Halloween.

Feed the Horde – A Review of Dead Hungry Diner
Dead Hungry Diner is a good game if you like the Diner Dash type series.

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