Flash Review: Confusebox

Confusebox lives up to its name, until you get the hang of it. Light all the wires and light bulbs to win, your moves are the score. The less moves you make the better your score.

Confusebox is probably my favorite time-eater this side of Reddit.

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The premise is simple, light all the light bulbs and wires in as few moves as possible. That puzzle up there took me around 88 moves to solve.


The main colors in the game are purple, yellow, and grey. The other colors aren’t included in the game… but really do you need that many colors for a puzzle game? The wires look more like pipes to me, but I can tell that the light bulbs are light bulbs and that the infinite energy source was done in 20 minutes.

Game Play

Obviously this game isn’t big on the visual aspects of it all. It’s really how well you solve the puzzles and how much better you get each time. The move counter works pretty well to help give you an idea how well you’re doing for this puzzle, but if you want to do multiple puzzles in one sitting, you’re going to have to remember the previous puzzles move total as the counter doesn’t reset each puzzle.


Every time you solve a puzzle, you’re rewarded with banjo music. (It’s quick, but man does it make sitting down with a puzzle for over an hour worth it). Other than that there’s the sound of the lights turning on… and that’s about it.

Over All

This game is pretty minimalistic and you’re going to have to take a while to get any good. Expect to hit triple digits A LOT in your first few puzzles. Every puzzle is solvable so don’t give up on any of them.

I can spend about an hour with this game, and I enjoy that hour. But if you expect me to play more than that, then you are sorely mistaken. It is fun, but it’s repetitive after a while and the game looses it’s charm. Sure I spend another hour or so the next day with this game, but an hour a day is really all I can give it.

It’s fun, but not fun all day.

You can play it at: http://militantplatypus.com/games/


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