Flash Review: Marvin Spectrum

Another Flash Review, this time it's Marvin Spectrum... and it's done. Really quick and fun game. Play it on andkon.com.

Another Flash Review, this time it's Marvin Spectrum... and it's done. Really quick and fun game. Play it on andkon.com.
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Well… that was fast. I just started playing Marvin Spectrum and I already beat it. It was fun, and I was kinda bad at it, but it was still fun.

Fast as Light.

The objective of the game is to get past each obstacle. The trick behind each obstacle is that you have to match the color, if your color doesn’t match you can’t get past. Missing one obstacle could mean missing 4 in some cases. All the obstacles seem to come in sets, I can’t really tell because every time I mess up the course is going mach 2, or I get my colors mixed up.

It’d be a good idea for you to better associate which finger for which color, you can’t look down at all for the last half of the last level. I missed a lot on that one.

Sights and Sounds

This game was definitely made on MS paint, or at least the characters and background was. Fortunately this game is simple enough to justify the even simpler visuals.

The music on the other hand, is great! I mean it feels like it would fit in with any arcade game from today. I know this game is old but it doesn’t sound like it. The Japanese announcer sounds really pumped that you’re playing this game. I have no clue what he’s saying, but I’m pretty sure he’s happy about it.


This game is a good amount of fun in an incredibly short amount of time. I mean I literally played for 5 minutes, and every minute was fun. Sure a lot of the aspects of the game are simple, but the game itself is still hard. I don’t think I’ll get a perfect score, but I’ll have fun trying and failing. The only replay value I see from this game is if I challenged my friends to see who can get a perfect score first. Still it’s a good game and I’d recommend it to anyone who really likes getting the high score in any arcade game.

You can play this one at andkon.com.

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