Flash Review: Red Remover

Another Flash Review, this time from Kongregate it's Red Remover. A simple and addicting puzzle game, Red Remover will make you think outside the box just to get rid of the color red. Think you can beat all 40 levels? Think you can take care of this Morse code message for me? Then play Red Remover
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I like puzzle games. If it makes you think, then it’s a good puzzle game. There’s very little you need to make a good puzzle game, and anyone can enjoy a puzzle game. So Red Remover is a good puzzle game, but I hate it. Why? Well read the review, I didn’t write it for nothing.

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Just Get Rid of Red

The main objective of the game is pretty simple, not the simplest but still… simple. All you have to do is to get rid of any shape that’s red. The puzzles start off pretty simple, and don’t really get that much more difficult… until about half way. I mean it’s good that the game get’s harder as it goes on, but usually there’s some kind of scaling. At times the difficulty seems random. Then you start getting used to the unpredictable difficulty level, until you get to the end.

I only have two more levels to beat… I don’t think I’ll ever be able to. The level in the header image is probably going to be the furthest I’ll ever get. I know what to do… it’s just way too hard for me to do. Ack, it’s eating at me from the inside.

Sights and Sounds

A lot of red, green, and blue. Sure there’s a background but I’m too focused on how to solve each puzzle to really notice it. The backgrounds range from MS paint style mountains, to MS paint style cities. They look good… I think. I don’t really know. I’m pretty sure that whoever made this flash game knew people wouldn’t be paying attention and that they’d be to focused on how to… OH COME ON!

I almost got the last one through… ack.


This game really gets your focus, and quick too. A simple puzzle game with equally simple controls, that’s how you make a puzzle game people. No need to have to press all kind of buttons on your key board, just think of how to do the most with the least. Get people to think and… MOVE FASTER YOU LITTLE


Any way, this is one of the best puzzle flash games you can find this side of Confusebox. It may not be as good as Samurai Sweeper, but it can still hold it’s own. There isn’t much to say about Red Remover, and that’s really unfair for this game. I could talk about the hidden features, but what’s the point in ruining a good surprise/reward for beating the levels?

Oh, hey… can any of you interpret Morse code? I think there’s something important I need to know… just asking.


You can play this MOVE FASTER one at kongregate.com

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