Flash Review: Super Samurai Sweeper

Another Flash Review, Super Samurai Sweeper edition! A whole new take on puzzle games. Explore the map board with rationed clicks to find/defeat the boss
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In my opinion, puzzle is the best genre of flash game. I mean there’s a challenge and the game play schematics are easy enough to follow to practically guarantee a good time, but it does get boring after a while. Super Samurai Sweeper brings a new twist to a familiar puzzle game.

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Okay, think mine sweeper… but with big samurai fights. Choose an area on the map, and then sweep through the board to find the Daimyo. You could just search the map to find and defeat the boss (the Daimyo), but you’ll find yourself a little to weak late game. You should find and fight all the mooks, the minions. Of course you run the risk of running out of clicks, but you’ll be more prepared in the late game.

There are three sidekicks you can buy who will fight along side you. You can upgrade these sidekicks as well as yourself so you can last longer in battle. Oh, I should mention that you don’t really have that much control over the outcome of the battle. There are certain squares that will give you health and or money, but those take clicks. This game really makes you plan out your moves.

Sights and Sounds

There isn’t a whole lot to the visuals of this game, but the allure really doesn’t come from the art. Don’t get me wrong, the art is good but it’s not exactly breathe taking. The music has this whole anime samurai theme that kind of keeps the game together. Everything matches the play speed, so all and all the music and art is pretty good for this game.

The animation is pretty simple, BUT once again it really doesn’t have to be that advanced. You really should focus more on the game play itself.


This game is pretty interesting, I wish I had the time to devote to it. I never thought that I would have to set time aside to play a flash game. The twist this game adds to an overly simple (at times) genre the boost it needs. Sure, there have been games that make me think about the current move I want to make, but there hasn’t been a puzzle game that makes me ponder the entire path I’ll take while playing the game. Each time you defeat a boss, the rest of the game get’s a power up. Soon enough, all the enemies end up on god mod.

Hopefully when you get to that point, you made the right choices…

You can play this one at: militantplatypus.com

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