Get Your Zombie Fix with Into the Dead

If you must run at the zombies, then make sure you're ready.

If you must run at the zombies, then make sure you're ready.

If you’re like me, then you’ve been missing The Walking Dead and you weren’t exactly pleased with the season finale. But that’s a rant for a whole other platform. What I’m getting at is I’ve needed a replacement for my murky, zombie-infested apocalypse fix. That’s where Into the Dead comes in.


Into the Dead is an endless first-person runner from PikPok set in the wilderness with zombies all around you. The environment is dark and hazy while the zombies ominously phase into view as you approach them. The object of Into the Dead is to avoid the zombies and any other obstacles, such as fences or trees, grab the glowing crates full of guns or bonuses, and fulfill your missions.

As you play, you earn coins that you may use to purchase “perks” or weapons from the armory. Perks include: increasing the frequency of crates in the field, starting with a gun, ammo bonuses, and eventually acquiring a companion. Once you’ve earned enough coins, you can purchase all of the weapons in the armory, but it costs a whopping 130,000 coins. Completing certain amounts of missions unlock more effective weapons against your zombie assailants.

Another option is to purchase zombie packs. The two unlockable packs include American football zombies or World War II zombies; if you want to spice up the flavor of zombies you’re running from, here you go!

As for the game play; it’s simple. You have three modes: Classic, Massacre, and Hardcore, the latter two need to be unlocked via missions. By tilting your phone left and right, your character gradually changes direction to avoid the zombies; if you’re too close to one it claws at you, causing you to lose your footing, which makes it more difficult to swerve around any nearby subsequent zombies. Once you run over a glowing crate, you may receive a weapon and you simply tap the screen to fire at any zombies straight in front of you. In my opinion, the weapon was very responsive and didn’t lag, which is always nice in any shooter situation. You can either conserve your ammo or equip the ammo boost or increased crate perks to help your firepower and survival.

Don’t get overwhelmed!

The further you get, the more zombies there are–it only makes sense. It also gives you a lot of satisfaction to reach vast distances as the environments change. Once I hit the tree area, it was like I went out of my way to hit every tree ever. I don’t know why it happened that way, but I don’t recommend doing it.

Because it has the wonderful Walking Dead ambiance and the environmental variance, I really enjoyed this pocket zombie runner. The only con I encountered was the lag my phone experienced in booting it up and navigating away from the game. However, the missions give you something to work towards and you’re constantly gaining coins to make up for the ones you spend, giving you more opportunities to survive while unlocking cool weapons and perks.

It’s also FREE. Check it out from the Google Play Store or on your Apple devices here.

If you must run at the zombies, then make sure you're ready.

Get Your Zombie Fix with Into the Dead

If you must run at the zombies, then make sure you're ready.

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