An addicting endless runner that will keep you coming back as long as you take your breaks.

GS Review : Hill Climb Racing

An addicting endless runner that will keep you coming back as long as you take your breaks.
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Hill Climb Racing is a 2D physics-based endless runner developed by Fingersoft. Its simple design and great gameplay make this one addicting game. You play as Newton Bill, a young uphill racer, who dreams of conquering the highest hills possible. His journey will take you from the countryside, to rooftops, to Mars and back! Help Bill’s dreams come true as you guide him along hills with various upgrades and cars.

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Looks Aren’t Everything

The 2D graphics are complimented with simple gradient backgrounds and cartoon style environments and vehicles. Different landscapes are characterized with details that make them unique, like small patches of grass with an open sky for the countryside or the gravel and marble finish of the planes on Mars with the red sky. Some levels have hazards like the boxes and tires found on the Boot Camp level that add difficulty.

The game runs on a lower resolution to ensure that there are no frame drops or connection issues. At the end of the run you can easily share screenshots with others, adding a competitive element to the game. 

The Sound of Music

The music is not the greatest. Background music varies for each stage and matches their themes relatively well. It might grow on you after a while but for extended runs the music can become repetitive. When that happens, you can just play your own music in the background and mute the game completely if you want. 

Neck-Breaking Action!

You will drive up and over hills of various sizes, collecting coins and gas as you go along. You can also buy coins via micro-transactions that also disable ads, but you do not need to. These coins can be used to upgrade your vehicle or to unlock new ones as well as environments. Upgrading your vehicle improves gas consumption, suspension, tire traction, engine power, etc., depending on what vehicle you are upgrading.The farther you go, more points you earn and doing flips in the air will grant you bonus coins.

Once you run out of gas or hit your head and break your neck, the run is over. After the run is over, you are sent to a screen that shows your distance, air time, flips, back flips, neck flips and a replay of your run that you can share. 

With about 30 Stages and 30 vehicles, Hill Climb Racing keeps you busy. No two vehicles play the same and each stage is varied enough to keep the levels from feeling stale. Keeping Bill’ s head from getting crushed as you drive along the roads is enjoyable and challenging. The smallest bumps on the tallest hills could mean certain death as you end up spiraling forward. Unlocking levels and vehicles are not hard given the amount of coins you get. 

Too Much of a Good Thing

While some might complain about the repetitive gameplay, this game excels at fun. Beating your personal best is always rewarding and competing with friends is even better. Hill Climb Racing is a great game that relies on great handling as well as varied locations and vehicles to keep players coming back. However it should be played in moderation because even though it is fun, it can become repetitive really fast. Burnout on this game comes as swiftly as your enjoyment. Playing for 10 minutes is fun but 15 or more will make you tire of it. 

Hill Climb Racing is Free and is available for download at the Google Play Store (Android), The App Store (iOS), and Amazon.

GS Review : Hill Climb Racing
An addicting endless runner that will keep you coming back as long as you take your breaks.

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