Guess what you get when you download Toilet Tycoon (Midday LOL)

Midday LOL: Anvil-Soft happily announces that Toilet Tycoon is available for download
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Today’s LOL is brought to you by Anvil-Soft. The developers of the infamous European game Toilet Tycoon (called Klomanager in Germany) announced that its game is now available for the whole world to enjoy. Maybe “enjoy” isn’t the right word, but the whole world can download it.

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This bathroom-based simulator places you as a corporate leader of a pay toilet franchise. Your job is to unclog the problems facing the pixelized porcelain thrones until you are king of the commode.

I wish I was making this s*** up, but I’m not.

The CEO of Anvil-Soft Matthias Hofmann was far too happy about his game being available for download. He said in his press release: “With the release of the download version we’d like to give the whole of humankind the chance to buy the beloved Toilet Tycoon. Because of the great price, the low hardware requirements and the timeless and funny gameplay we’re sure to find billions of new customers — and we’re confident to become millionaires finally!”

If you can’t hold your anticipation any longer, peepee-dance to the official website and download the game now. It’s only $13.20, so if you don’t like it, then you can flush it.

OK, it’s the middle of the day, you need a laugh to get you over the hump. Lunch is over, and the end of the day seems so far away. It’s time for your mid-day LOL.

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