Guns of Icarus Online Review

Perfect Airship Game for the price.
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Hello this is my review on the game Guns of Icarus Online. The game is a action/adventure game that has you on a airship with guns on it. You have 3 classes to pick from: The Pilot, The Engineer,and the Soldier. The game is online so you never ever play by yourself (unless you are on the tutorial) and then you can do a 2v2, 3v3, or a 4v4.

The game has amazing graphics and addictive gameplay because this is one of, I think, the only actual airship games that is actually worth it. The game has been amazing for the money that you pay for. They are coming up with a update call Adventure Mode. Suppose to make the game more open based and be able to do missions to. Here are the main points what I am going to point out in this article: graphics, gameplay, ship/character customization.


This game is made by a small company so dont get to excited on the graphics. On my opinion the graphics look amazing for the time when it was released last year. The graphics are astonishing for the overall game cause it shows how amazing the ships look like and how the guns fire. Their is not that much to say on the graphics cause it is wonderful. They actually took the time after they were funded by their kickstarter campaign and they put it to use. The money they raised from that I have to say was put into wonderful use.


The gameplay of this game is just kick ***. The weapons are actually really fun to use if you are a soldier. The engineer is fun sometime to play because well not that many people want to go around the ship and repair and help with fires if they are missing the fun of shooting the amazing guns the pilot(commander) of the ship has. The pilot I think is the fun part because you are controlling your ship or your friends ship(because he thinks his ship is better).

The gameplay mechanics on this game is just so good from its time and still good now. You have to actually aim the gun and the bullets have bullet drop so you have to aim ahead if you want to hit the target. This game is not a pay-to-win game. All the guns and ships are unlocked and all you have to do is customize and play.

Ship/Character Customization

This game is also excellent for its customization of the ship and of your character. The ship part I will explain to you. You have all the ships unlocked and all the weapons. Some ships only have 3 slots, some have 4, some have 5 and 6. You look at the ship you want and put the guns on it like you would normally do. Their are heavy guns and light guns. Most ships only let you do 2 and 1 only lets you do 4.

Some ships don’t let you at all and you can only use the light guns. You can name the ship to what you feel like it should be called. Now lets go on the character customization. You have 3 classes :Pilot, Engineer, and the Soldier. Every class comes with a different item set which you can buy for real money. Some items cost .50 cents while others cost 1-3 dollars at most. If you ever want to pimp out your character then you better have the cash to do it cause the way this game makes money is from in game purchases and from buying the game.

The Verdict

Well I have to give this game a 9/10. The only reason why I give it 1 point less of 10 is because you have to buy the cool items to customize your character. This game was one of the first to actually speak on its promise on kickstarter for video games. The game is only 9.99 on steam for a limited time so go get it while you still can. The original price is 19.99 so I would go straight away or your going to spend a extra 10 on it. So have a good time blowing up those ships and have a great day.

Guns of Icarus Online Review
Perfect Airship Game for the price.

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