I Can’t Stop Playing The Swapper

The Swapper is a beautiful indie platformer, and I've fallen in love with it.
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I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I bought The Swapper by Facepalm Games for $5.09 today. It was a part of Steam’s Halloween sale, and I’m glad I took advantage of the low price.

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This game… It’s incredible. I started playing it soon after it downloaded, and before I knew it, I’d been at it for almost an hour. I was drawn in to and completely enthralled by it.

The Swapper is a side-scrolling, indie puzzle platformer with a science fiction theme. It takes place in space, and you have this hand-held device that allows you to make copies of yourself. You also have the ability to take control of whichever cloned body you desire. These mechanics allow you to solve various puzzles, fall from great heights without dying, and even reach platforms that are too high to jump to.

Of course, The Swapper wouldn’t be any fun if it didn’t challenge you a little. The puzzles are further complicated by differently colored beams of light which restrict your abilities. Blue light prevents you from creating clones in that area, and red lights keep you from swapping bodies. The purple light, though, prevents both. These lights can generally be turned off by placing a clone on top of a button. However, the clones mimic your movements, so it’s hard to keep them where you want them.

I like that this game challenges me without being too difficult. The puzzles make sense, and I can progress through the game rather quickly without getting stuck for too long in one spot. The cloning and swapping mechanics are also a lot of fun to play with, and I liked experimenting with them throughout the game.

Overall, I really enjoyed The Swapper. It’s not overly-complicated, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s $14.99 on Steam, but will be available for only $5.09 until November 1. I strongly suggest you check it out.

I Can’t Stop Playing The Swapper
The Swapper is a beautiful indie platformer, and I've fallen in love with it.

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