Injustice: Gods Among Us (iPhone Review)

Warner and NetherRealm Studios bottle the Gods with an incredible fighter on your iPhone.

Warner and NetherRealm Studios bottle the Gods with an incredible fighter on your iPhone.

The Wheels of (In)justice Move Slowly

But, they do move – as goes the saying.

Injustice, the amazing fighting game from Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios for the X-box 360, PS3 and WiiU has been in the works for quite a while. There has been tons of teaser video, play action video, talk and talk and more talk – both online and on television. If G4 wasn’t about to die, they would still be talking about this upcoming game.

Fans have been chomping at the bit to tear into this title and be able to play old school Mortal Kombat style fighting with their favorite DC supers in an epic storyline. 

And who wouldn’t?

The pics look amazing! And wow… Just the idea of being able to see who would kick Aquaman’s ass better, Batman or Superman, among the countless possible brawls between hero and villain, hero and hero or villain and villain whets the appetite.

Injustice Waits for No Man!

So, you can’t wait until April 16th?

Then, pop over to your Apple App Store and download Injustice: Gods Among Us (iPhone Version) – right NOW!


No joke. It’s just FLIPPIN’ GORGEOUS! I downloaded this on Saturday and I’m completely hooked! The quick action, the bone-crushing sound, wondrously epic music and screen-tapping, swip-swiping, special move-nailing goodness is VERY addictive. I’ve NEVER had a game on my iPhone that left me twitchy. And I just WANT MORE!

I KNOW this is not the same as what incredible awesomeness awaits your console in a week from now, but watch the video again. Have you ever played anything that amazing on a mobile device?

Tag-Team Titans

Like some classic tag fighters, Injustice: Gods Among Us (I:GAU?) has you control a three-man (or three-woman, or two-man and… you get the idea) team of heroes and/or villains. (That’s right – you can mix and match.)

From your collection, you easily drag and drop the folks who will be doing the fighting.

The fighters get XP for how well you use them and how much damage they do, etc. That XP levels up their abilities as well as open up more you can buy with your rewards from each bout.

I would suggest trying to balance your team members as you go, since having one powerhouse might work against you should they fall. Of course, at any time you just tap on someone else in the team and they tag in to make the save or put the cap on your enemy.

More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine

Each of your supers has several special moves. As you are fighting, you build up to them until the indicator tell you it’s ready to use. If you build up more, then bigger moves open up. The special moves are unique to that super and requires its own special method of use.

Let’s take Deathstroke here (left). Quite the formidable guy already.

His Sword attack requires you swipe the screen as fast as you can in one direction. The more times you do it in a few seconds, the most times he hits. Or his gun attack pops up a target. Tap closer to the center, he shoots better etc.

But, you can go beyond just moves and muscle.

You can also get an Upgrade. As you collect points (or buy them), you can add goodies to your team members to aid in their fight.

Green Arrow just not making the cut for you? Then, you can also buy new team members and there’s quite a roster.

You do start out with three characters for your team and can earn more as well as buy them.

Many of the characters have different versions as well. Like the two versions of Catwoman shown here. These variations follow the storyline and may be aligned with Superman’s Regime or Batman’s Insurgency.

You might recognize the gal on the left as Selina’s look and attitude from the Arkham Asylum games while her doppelganger on the right is classic DC comics. Each version has her own moveset too.

Putting a Price on Justice?

We already know that Injustice: Gods Among Us for the console starts at $59.99 and will  feature tons of DLC (mo’ money, mo’ money) as new playable characters will be added along with new features, upgrades etc.

But, at least this Injustice is free.

Well, kinda’ free. Yes, you can download it now for nothing and pound on poor Aquaman to your heart’s content, but like a lot of newer mobile games, the creators are offering upgrades from a small fee.

But, those fees can quickly add up as they start at $1.99 for Harley’s Bag of Goodies or $4.99 for a Starter Pack – but you could dump as much as $99 bucks toward Superman’s Regime Treasury to buy 1,500,000 credits for stuff. 

That’s some serious scratch, Catwoman.


Justice May Be Blind

But, the player is not. Thank goodness that Injustice: Gods Among Us is artistically beautiful and enticing to the eye. It’s also a symphony to the ear (if bone crunching is your kinda’ music) and inviting to the touch.

Quick reflexes, rapid tapping, also perfectly timed swipes as well as two-finger blocks will turn you into a fast and furious dispenser of two-fisted justice.

So, right now – faster than a speeding bullet… leap off your couch in a single bound and get the game that simply more powerful than a locomotive.

Capes optional.

Warner and NetherRealm Studios bottle the Gods with an incredible fighter on your iPhone.

Injustice: Gods Among Us (iPhone Review)

Warner and NetherRealm Studios bottle the Gods with an incredible fighter on your iPhone.

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