League of Legends, Lucian: A Troubled Soul Yet Fun Champ

Lucian and his gameplay, my thoughts and suggestions.

Lucian and his gameplay, my thoughts and suggestions.
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I recently discovered the endless hours of entertainment that LoL provides and have since played as a few different champs, including Morgana, Zed, Karma, Diana, and Lux.  However, all seemed to be lacking something for me to truely call them my main.  It was then by chance I came across a champ whose lore, or back story, caught my attention.  This was when I became excited and ran to buy Lucian the Purifier.

Story and Abilities

His story is that of tragedy.  He was a soulhunter with his wife, Senna, cleansing the undead and allowing them to move on to the next life.  It was all going just fine until one day his wife was tricked and trapped by the evil and clever soul collector, Thresh.  

Alone, Lucian decided to continue with his mission solo in honor of his fallen soul mate, whose resolve to cleanse never faltered.  The back story alone gave me chills, so I just had to have him.  

Lucian’s abilities all revolve around his two relic weapons, which fire channeled light.  He has a passive ability which doubles up his auto attack after every ability he uses.  This, in combination with his dash, makes for a perfect balance of chase and poke potential.  He can also attack enemy champs through minions, which makes for easy chip damage. Then, using his dash, his combo allows for quick and painless tower dives and sharp unrelenting pursuits.  

His ultimate

Many people have complained about his ultimate attack being too weak or useless. However, I would have to disagree.  His regular abilities are much more powerful than his ult, which is direction specific and has insanely long reach.  

It is my opinion that the ult is a perfect balance for Lucian to cover ground as he chases an enemy, ’til he can close up the gap and switch back to his regular abilities to clean up a kill.  In my time using him, I have found that whenever I was using The Culling, it was to chase down enemies, or to clear out lanes with multiple champs so that the other champs could easily get triple double or even quadra kills.  

I have managed to get many quadra kills, though no pentas, with Lucian by using his ult as a storm of chip damage, then following up with his Q and W abilities, mixed in with his auto attacks, which double after every ability.  

As an ADC

I just want to comment on how to build Lucian to maximize his potential as an ADC.

Lucian, in terms of masteries, needs 21 in offense, 9 in defense and 0 in utility.

I picked the masteries that maximize his attack strength, the defense has his health regen up, and his amor and magic resist up.

For runes, use 9 amor, 9 magic resist, 9 attack damage, and life steal quint runes.

Finally, to build a decent Lucian…

  • Bloodthirster – BoRK, or Blade of the ruined King was nerfed and is no longer as good. 
  • Runnan’s Hurricane – for easy farm and drastically increased attack speed, which is key to making Lucian’s Ult stronger and with more shots. 
  • Last Whisper – gives him amor penetration as well as more attack damage. 
  • Guardian Angel – for some durability
  • Phantom Dancer – for the passive which allows you to move through units
  • Boots of Mobility – to make it possible to chase down enemies, and if need be get away in a flash

That’s my full review on Lucian, as well as a quick starter kit for him to wreck face with.  Hope you enjoy!

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