Lucius Review: Damien has Nothing on This Kid

Lucius is great fun. A well thought out and executed casual game.

Lucius is great fun. A well thought out and executed casual game.

You’ve got to love it, when you accidentally discover a cool game while watching videos on Youtube. After seeing some gameplay videos of Lucius, I HAD to check it out. I grew up with The Omen movies and loved them. So, Lucius, being practically a carbon copy of Damien from those movies made me quite curious as to what it would be like to be that kid.

For those not familiar with The Omen movies or Damien, or with this game Lucius, the idea is that you are the evil seed of the Devil. You are being “groomed” to take over your Father’s throne. Being only a child though, you cannot kill people in a direct or forceful fashion. You must, (as Damien did in The Omen) find “creative,” often seemingly accidental ways of killing people, in order to grow your evil powers and become Satan’s worthy replacement.


Good writing is key to a game like this and they (Shiver Games) got it right. From the get go, it is pitch perfect! You are thrust into Lucius’s mundane family life and expected to be a “good little boy”. You must do your chores and keep the family happy, in order to avoid suspicion. Murders start plaguing the family and their friends and you must keep up appearances in order not to get caught and progress. 

Lucius is one very creepy kid. The graphic artists did a wonderful job of creating a very emotionless child with Lucius. Just one look at him and you just know there is something wrong with him. Seriously wrong. It’s not all killing, fun and games though. You do have skills you must master and puzzles to solve in order to become the Devil himself.  

This game is so much like The Omen and Damien, it’s uncanny. They even copied the “bike in the hall” that Damien became famous for because that is how he kills his first victim in the movies. The Maid gets knocked over a stairway banister in the movies when Damien hits the ladder she is one with his bike (accidentally, on purpose).

In this game however, the Maid meets a much different fate! She remains though, as in The Omen, the boy’s first, easiest and most hapless victim. It’s always the Maid, isn’t it?  


The puzzles in this game are not typical. They mostly consist of finding the things you need to pull off a successful murder(s). Like rigging a piano to fall on someone. Did I mention you are a very creative little boy? Things just seem to “happen” to people when Lucius is around. Bad things. 

In the beginning, you are somewhat helpless and you must learn to use new and more powerful Demonic skills to become a better and more powerful killer. Levitating objects, possessing people, pyrokenisis and other valuable skills will help you in your effort to make the killings seem like “accidents”. 

The game is quite casual. Nobody is going to kill you, there is no rush. There is also a somewhat light hearted aspect to this game and it is just about being a normal boy sometimes too. You will spend a lot of time exploring your home and surroundings, as you live in a mansion and it is quite large and sometimes confusing. 

While I am on the subject of confusing, that is the only reason this game loses any points. At times it is not clear what you need to do next or where to find the odd thing. I think it may be intentional to draw out the exploration aspect of the game, but I have found myself walking aimlessly, around the mansion trying to find what I should do next, or who I should kill, rather. Talk to everyone in the house often and keep a keen eye out for needed objects. Sometimes that triggers an event that is needed to progress.

The controls are very fluid and the interface is simple. Things might take a little getting used to (like learning to use new powers from dear old Dad) but it is not impossible to master or poorly put together. In fact, there is nothing at all I can find fault with in the gameplay itself.

Stealth is also a key skill in this game as some tasks require that you not be seen. Other than that, there are no weapons, or “enemies” per say. You, Lucius, are the enemy. People should really being watching you more closely, cause you’ve got issues. 

Graphics sound, music and engine wise, this game presents very well. It is not a super high-end game, although the graphics still manage to pull of a very nice look. As such it should not need a ton of power to run and make look good and run smoothly on PC.  


If you want some casual fun of a different sort, then this may be just the thing you are looking for. It is not like any other game I have played. A truly unique gaming experience that I truly enjoy (not finished it yet). If your morales are easily offended then this game is not for you. This game will make you question your morality, as successfully killing someone, after working hard for it, is just a little too satisfying. Some of the ways Lucius “deals” with people he doesn’t like, will definately make you want to say “Oh, you diabolical little bugger!”  

Tip: Watch some walk-throughs on Youtube if you get stuck. It might happen because this game does not “hold your hand”. You are expected to figure “some” things out for yourself. Tutorials are plentiful but knowing what to do/where to go next is sometimes, not always clear. Regardless, a little Youtube walkthrough advice will get you back on track and enjoying this creative and crazy game. 

Lucius is great fun. A well thought out and executed casual game.

Lucius Review: Damien has Nothing on This Kid

Lucius is great fun. A well thought out and executed casual game.

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