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One of the best football games to ever come out!
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            Madden Football has a very prestigious history that dates back to 1989. Since then, Madden has stood the test of time and outlasted all of its competition. To put it simply, Madden has seen it all and done it all. For that very reason, the constant innovation of new concepts and ideas can present a challenge. Madden has been criticized in the past for having an “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” philosophy. Though sometimes people can be overly critical of one of the longer running video game franchises, it forces the Madden developers to think outside the box and take a few chances in an attempt to revolutionize game play. Overall, Madden 13 may not be a revolutionary game, but it is an excellent upgrade to last year’s installment.

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            Madden’s big addition to this year’s game is the infinity engine. Infinity Engine is a feature that gives the game more dynamic animations so that the outcome of any given play is far less predictable. Infinity Engine also provides the game with more realistic collisions. Players can now trip over their teammates if they do not avoid their blockers as done by many of the great players in the NFL.

           Madden has also attempted to simplify the game by adding the new ball hawk feature. This feature gives the user the ability to make a play on the ball in the air by simply pressing the Y button. On previous Maddens, the user might have to press the strafe button to position themselves, then the jump button to elevate to catch the ball. Another thing to remember that’s new to this year’s game is the players have to be able to see the ball in order to make a play on it. Players no longer have eyes in the backs of their heads; they can no longer make plays when there is no way for them to see the ball coming.

          Another change Madden made to the game is the connected careers game mode. Previously known as the franchise and superstar game modes, they have been combined into one game mode and give the user the option of being a coach or a player on their favorite franchises.  The user can place himself into the game or choose a legendary coach or player and try to reenact their legendary career. Some of the legendary figures to choose from are Barry Sanders, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Vince Lombardi and Bill Walsh.

           Overall, Madden has put out a really enjoyable game this year. They succeeded in providing the user with the feeling that they are actually playing a live NFL game. The game play is more realistic now, and the new features add some excitement that was missing from previous years. It only builds anticipation for what new features can be incorporated into next year’s game. 

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