Make It Rain: The Love of Money…and Addiction

After cookie clicking a few months ago now I can't stop Making It Rain!

Why is it that we easily become addicted to a simple click of the button, as with Cookie Clicker, and now a swipe of the finger in Space Inch LLC’s new game, Making It Rain: The Love of Money? Is it because we crave simplicity? Or is it because, as gamers, we crave unlocking random achievements and power ups without any preference to how we get them?

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No matter the reason, playing games like this gets addicting…and fast! 

Making It Rain: The Love of Money is simple enough–the objective being to collect as much money as possible in no time limit. Once you collect the dollars you can use the money to buy upgrades and up the amount of dollars you get per second. 

Simple Controls

The swipe controls are easy and intuitive to use. All you do is swipe the screen in the upward direction and you earn dollars.

Although it’s easy, the swiping sensitivity could use some improvement because, on my iOS version at least, the game sometimes does not register the swipes. Now this isn’t a huge problem since there is not a time limit or “real” goals but after playing for hours it could get annoying that all your movements are not being calculated into your cash total. 


The upgrades are pretty standard in this game. Simply reach a set number of dollars and you can “invest in venture capital, loan sharking, or offshore drilling” or purchase a bucket to keep your money piling up while you’re away from your phone. 

You can even start to buy off judges and bribe FBI agents that stop by to try to take your money. 

More Comprehensive Rules…

Not for the controls but for the perks. Once you start playing there is really no run down of how you want to upgrade or what the symbols at the bottom of the screen mean. This wasn’t a major flaw since I could just click on each symbol and figure it out, but nonetheless for many it could be beneficial to explain a little. 

Overall this game is very simple and VERY addicting. But taking into consideration how much time I’ve spent playing it, it can be entertaining too, which is really all we can ask from an app. 

Make It Rain: The Love of Money is available now for free on iOS and Android. 

Make It Rain: The Love of Money…and Addiction
After cookie clicking a few months ago now I can't stop Making It Rain!

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