Military Tower Defense Review

Military Tower Defense is a meh free to play tower defense.

Military Tower Defense is a meh free to play tower defense.

Military Tower Defense is what it says it is, it’s a tower defense game. It was developed by Cash Rewards Mobile and is available for free in the Google Play Store.

To be honest, tower defense type games generally aren’t my thing anymore and I don’t delve into the mobile games market too often outside of something that is in my niche, so I didn’t go into this game with high expectations.


A majority of the art style is cartoony and colorful, but then you have the button to launch the app which is more shiny and chrome than cartoony, and a load screen that doesn’t fit in. However, the game is colorful and relatively vibrant, rather than being gray and brown like I expected it to be. So that’s a plus.


The actual gameplay of the game is simple; it’s a tower defense game. It is what you expect, but at the same time it leaves you wanting a bit more. At the start of the game you build towers at set points on the map and that’s it. You put a tower down, maybe upgrade it later on, and let the game run. The few things you can do outside of putting down towers is dropping special abilities. You have abilities with a cool-down like dropping in a soldier or an airstrike, or you have non-renewable abilities like firing a satellite laser, dropping a bomb or dynamite. To get more of those high power abilities, you have to buy more from the shop.

Ads & Microtransactions

Military Tower Defense is a free to play game with microtransactions and ads to support the developers. You can purchase fuel (which you can just get from waiting or watching ads) which allows you to play more levels. You can purchase gold (which you can get by watching ads) that allows you to buy the lasers/bombs/dynamites from the shop or upgrade your base towers.


While I’m not longer I died hard tower defence fan, I used to be one. I know a good tower defense game from a middle of the road one.

Military Tower Defense lacks a feature that I would say is a key feature to tower defense, a fast forward function. When you’re slaughtering a ton of nameless enemies and watching them run the course, a fast forward function is something needed to not make the game a slog.

The Ad experience is something that I hold against Military Tower Defense. There are far too many ads even for a free to play game. In the middle of a level you can click on the map and get an Ad, and this occurred several times during a single level. That’s disruptive and annoying.

Another issue I had with the game is that it would often crash if I turned off the screen of my phone. The App restarts fast enough but constantly getting the notification that it crashed when I pick up my phone again isn’t all that inspiring. I’m playing the game on a 2 month old Samsung Galaxy S6, I’ve had less trouble with Fate/Grand Order crashing and that requires a good 2GB of RAM to run.

To Sum It Up

Military Tower Defense is an average, to below average free to play tower defense game. It doesn’t particularly stand out from the crowd whether it be gameplay or art style. I wouldn’t recommend this game to a friend, but if this is your sort of thing, go ahead and try it; it is free.

Military Tower Defense is a meh free to play tower defense.

Military Tower Defense Review

Military Tower Defense is a meh free to play tower defense.

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