Mini Golf Matchup Review – Color, Style, and Gameplay Win This Round

You win this round, Mini Golf.
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Mobile gaming is meant to give big chunks of fun in small doses. Being told I should try Mini Golf Matchup because it was fun wasn’t quite enough for me to give it a shot initially. I’m not exactly the type of person most mobile titles aim for. I’m a hermit, a phone-hater, a min-maxer, an elitist..

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And somehow I ended up liking Mini Golf Matchup.

Cast your eyes aside, friends. I’m sorry: I’ve played and enjoyed a casual mobile game. I don’t know if it’s the cute visuals, the simple yet friendly UI, or the ease of jumping right in — But I am definitely having fun.

Gems Ahoy!

The core of any mini golf game is perfect simplicity. The player gauges how their ball will ricochet, putts, and hopes for the best. This is the same in Mini Golf Matchup as it is anywhere else, but what makes it stand out from a gameplay standpoint is the gem collection aspect of the game.

There is an increased emphasis on collection on the green than in other mini golf titles. Gems that increase the player’s score are scattered about a hole, and the game allows for a shot redo so players can collect more than a single shot would be able to afford.

The gem collection in particular is a nice addition for perfectionists and those looking to get an edge on the opponent. If you get more gems and make it to the hole in the same amount of putts, your score will be higher. This in itself adds another layer of strategy: It’s almost impossible not to wonder whether the player you’re against has more gems than you do, and you will find yourself redoing putts to get as many as possible.

Cute, colorful, and charming. Really!

It’s nearly impossible to avoid mentioning the visuals in Mini Golf Matchup because the game looks so good. While the art style is as simple as it gets, the game does a good job of making use of that simple style and making it look great.

The screenshots you see plastered all over the place look good enough on their own, but seeing the game in action really is something else. Bright colors and simple designs can only go so far, but modeling and animating them so well is really what makes this game stand out from the rest of its mini golf kin in the App Store/Google Play.

Even the hub UI outside of the actual game looks bright, friendly, and inviting. I don’t think I could honestly complain about it even if I tried.

Just check out the trailer below. Why does it have to look so good?!

I don’t want to pay money! Thanks for not asking.

One of the biggest complaints most people have with mobile titles is constant reminders to pony up to really progress. Contrary to what I initially expected, that isn’t something Mini Golf Matchup really does.

I think one of the things they’ve done well in this game is not putting too much of an emphasis on shilling out real dough. You’re free to buy them, of course, but you can accumulate them through gameplay as well.

Coins themselves are used to purchase new courses (which get more charming down the line) and pay for repeat putts past a hole’s first shot, but the game doesn’t feel a need to remind you every few minutes. This isn’t to say that you don’t need coins nor that they aren’t necessary when you really don’t feel like grinding it out, but the lack of annoyances is a bit refreshing.

The long and the short of it is:

Mini Golf Matchup is surprisingly solid. The colorful visuals, fun putting and gem collecting, and friendly UI are all nice touches to the game — and the lack of pressure to throw money at it is a definite plus.

The social integration is also very well-done, and it’s easy to hop into a game with a friend, a stranger, or someone you know on Facebook. For what it is, it is really surprisingly good.

Mini Golf Matchup Review – Color, Style, and Gameplay Win This Round
You win this round, Mini Golf.

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